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December 04, 2016, 12:49:01 AM
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Author Topic: Guide to (almost) Everything Twink v2.0  (Read 13448 times)

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Guide to (almost) Everything Twink v2.0
« on: October 10, 2009, 04:21:36 AM »
First off, this is not my guide but it has useful information none-the-less so I decided to post it up here.  I am not sure of the original poster and where it was put up first so please don't give me credit for any of this.

Guide to Everything Twink v. 2.0

This is my new progressive guide to help everyone from casual players just trying to get by, to hardcore twinkers making that uber PvP/Dungeon Twink.

Table of Contents
   1. Useful Links
   2. Computer Literacy
   3. Implants
   4. Armor
   5. Weapons
   6. The Great Unknown

1. Useful Links

-Anarchy Online Forum Search Engine - If it's not here, it's probably somewhere else already.
- - Your best source for item information and configuration.
-Unity of the Rose: AggDeff Calculator - Weapons too slow? Find out why.
-AO Universe - 450+ Guides covering most quests, locations and tradeskilling processes.

2. Computer Literacy

Before anything else, you need NCU to accomplish anything in AO. You can simply never have enough.

General Comp Lit Buffing items:
-Computer Literacy Expertise (General Nano): +20
-Salesman's Hat: +5
-Ql 44Galahad Inc T70 Beyer: +20 Each
-NCU Extension Perks: +10 Total at Perk 1 - +90 Total At Perk 8
-Pioneer Backpack+Tutoring Device: 10+ (Dependant on Tutoring Skill)
-Comp Lit Implants: +136 with Ql 125 Head/Eye/Right Hand Implants
-Intelligence Trickle Down: ~15
   ---Intelligence Boost (General nano): +12 Intel
   ---Neural Stimulator (NT Nano): +20 Intel
   ---Virral Triumvirate Egg: +15 Intel Each
   ---Ear Implant: Intelligence, Faded: +2-22
   ---Ql 1Second-Hand Old English Trading Co: +5 Intel Each

3. Implants - Implant Configurator
Once you have enough NCU, you can do almost anything, inluding the most important aspect of succesful play: Implants. Implants allow for better weapons, armor, and even more importantly, nano skills. There are two main aspects to equipping implants: treatment and base abilities.

3a. Treatment
Treatment is the most flexible skill in AO, having the most items and buffs for it. However, it's also one of the highest requirements of anything in the game.

Treatment Buffing Items and Nanos:
-Omni-Med Suit: +78
-Biomech Armor Boots/Helm/Cloak: +4-10
-Superior First Aid (Doctor Nano): +80
-Treatment Expertise (General Nano): +20
-Stationary Sugery Clinic: +100 (Found in all General Shops and Backyards)
-Ql 22 OT-Windchaser M06 Quartz: +10
-Shadowlands Garden Keys: +2-14
-Physician's Cap: +3-6
-Universal Advantage - Medical Expertise: Dependant on Ql and lvl
-Treatment Library: +2-18
-First Aid Perks: +10 Total At Perk 1 to +100 Total at Perk 4
-Treatment Implants: +136 with Ql 125 Head/Eye/Right Hand
-Diviner's Helper: +1-15
-Wondrous Gold Ring of Ocra Lux & Sun Ring of Eckel Roch: +5
-Intelligence/Agilty/Sense Trickle Down: ~10
   ---Neural Stim: +20 Intel
   ---Feline Grace: +25 Agi
   ---Enhanced Senses: +15 Sense
   ---Composite Attribute Boost (General Shadowlands Nano): +12 Intel/Agi/Sense
   ---Virral Triumverate Egg: +15 Intel Each
   ---Ring of Divine Teardrops: 2+

3b. Abilities
IF you can, implants should always be tweaked to require Stamina, Agility, or sometimes Strength, as these abilities are typically maxed for most players and also easier to buff than any others. Implant requirements can be changed by changing cluster combinations

Ability Buffing items and Nanos:
-Composite Attribute Boost (General Shadowlands Nano): +12 Sta/Str/Agi
-Essence of Behemoth (Enforcer Nano): +27 Sta/Str
-Iron Circle (Doctor Nano): +20 Sta/Str
-Ql 10 Concrete Cushions:+8 Each
-Prodigious Strength (Enforcer Nano): +40 Str
-Feline Grace (Agent Nano): +25 Agi
-Ql 40 Tsakachumi PTO-HV.2 Counter-Sniper Rifle: +20 Agi
-Ring of Divine Teardrops: 10+ Agi
-Ergo Quest Rings: +1-8 to Various Abilities

4. Armor - Equipment Configurator
There are lots of different choices for armor, each having their own strengths and weakness, for different level ranges. Here are a few of the better and more common armor types.

4a. Armor Sets
-Omni/Storm Carbonum Plate Armor
Carbonum is probably THE best armor for the everyday leveler, due to its excellent mods, good ACs, low price, and high availability. It has great ACs except Energy and Radiation which are horribly low. All Carb adds Max Nano, Nano Init, and NCU. The Omni Version also adds Max Health, while the Clan (Storm) version adds Nano Resist. Carb is excellent for PvM, but it sufferes in PvP from its low Energy AC.
-CAS Symbiotic Armor
CAS has slightly better overal ACs than Carb, but with less significant mods. It's weak AC is Cold, which with the increase of cold damage based weapons is becoming an issue. Probably better for a twink than Carb due to ACs but not quite as good in PvM. CAS is generally harder to acquire than Carbonum.
-Metallic Mantis Armor
Mantis armor is generally considered to be one of the better twink armors due to it's all around good ACs and large HP boost from the breastplate. It is, however, relatively expensive and difficult to get. The biggest problem is, that it rarely can be found higher than ql 145, so it loses it's effectiveness at higher lvls.
-First Tier (Enforcer) Armor
First Tier Professional Armor *can* be better than any other armor available for a huge portion of the game. The ACs on it is very well rounded, so there are no AC holes to present a weakness. The mods for each piece can also be rather nice, specifically the breastplate. For combat professions, such as Enforcers, MAs and Soldiers, the ACs will be largely superior to anything else available till 175+ For other professions, you are probably better off going with one of the other sets.  However, this armor, compared to the other sets, is by far the most expensive and difficult to get.

4b. Back Armor
Regardless of which armor set you choose, none of them provide any back armor, so you'll have to look elsewhere for this.

Here are some of the common (and uncommon) back pieces:
-Exarch Robe - Common drop from Temple of Three Winds
-QL 100 Modernized ICC InternOps Cloak - Upgraded Fixer Shop Cloak
-Guardian Tank Armor - Rare drop from Temple of Three Winds
-Albrecht Heavy Tank Armor - Uncommon Boss Drop
-Overtuned High-Quality Heavy Omni-Tek Tank Armor - Tradeskill Tank; Best ACs of anything available for Twinks.

5. Weapons
The most common level for twinks, especially enforcers, are lvls 10-90. The lower you are, the more relatively "twinked" you can get. There is very little twinking that a high lvl character can do, but low lvls you have a wide variety of options. This section of the guide is specifically focused on Enforcer twinks, but perhaps it will be of some use to everyone.

Here's a list from the most basic, to the most effective weapons:
There are other choices, but these are the most commonly used, and the more effective.
*Note, some weapons are available in lower qls. I'll only post the highest qls*
-Stygian Desolator - The bread and butter weapon of 2he twinks, hold the butter. While it might be ok for very casual leveling, in today's arena, don't even bother approaching with a Stygian in Hand. Available in Temple of Three Winds end boss.
-Frost Scythe of the Legionnaire - Arguably worse than the Stygian, the Frost Scythe is slower, but the consistant damage. Because of it's consistant damage it *can* do better in PvP than a Stygian, and most certainly does better in Shadowlands PvM. Available in Temple of Three Winds Legionnaire tunnel.
-Skull of Woe - A semi-decent 1hb weapon depending on your lvl (the lower the better). It's damage range is rather low, so it will perform very poorly at the lvl 60 range. I don't suggest it unless you just plan on leveling with it in order to upgrade later on. Available from Lien the Memorystalker in the Temple of Three Winds.
-Frozen Tear of Uklesh - A slightly better 1he equivalent to the Skulls. It's a little slower, but with higher min damage. Howevr, it is a poor choice simply because of it's horrid droprate from Uklesh.
-Serious Gravity - A decent 2hb weapon. It's rather slow, but with the two enforcer mainstay specials Fast Attack, and Brawl, and it's got some serious damage. Available from Dyna-Camp Bosses.
-Prickly Tangleblade - A very slow 2he weapon with an even better kick than the Gravity. Despite it's high damage, the slow speed really drags it down in terms of PvP. Available from Dyna-Camp Bosses.
-Staff of the Tempest - A new "Turn Spirit" weapon, there is one available for both clan and omni (The Clan version is called the Skull Smasher with identical stats). I can't say whether these are better than the other two handed weapons. but it is definately a viable alternative. Available as a tradeskill weapon from Shadowlands items.
-Cuspidal Corpse Cutter - Generally considered the best weapon for enforcer twinks. It's relatively fast, with great damage. It is the most expensive enforcer twink weapon, so not everyone can get one. Available from Dyna-Camp Bosses.
-Chef Cleaver - A relatively new weapon introduced with Shadowlands. Cleavers, when dual-wielded, are by far the most devestating weapon for twinks, and even effective at the far reaches of lvl 200+. Even when only using one, they are arguably comparable to a Corpse Cutter due to similar damage, but faster speed. These are rather expensive, especially if you buy two, and very difficult to get. Available from Adonis Dryad Bosses. **I will detail how to equip two at lvls 60-70 Later**

6. The Great Unknown
This section is devoted to the several issues specifically plaguing lvl 60 players. For instance, reaching 481 Comp Lit at lvl 60 for Silken Legchopper Gloves; Getting and equipping First Tier Armor at lvl 60; and equipping ql 150 implant sets at lvl 60. Keep in mind, each of these last three sections are linked, working off each other to achieve overlaping requirements.

6a. Silken Legchopper Gloves
For any lvl 60ish 1he/2he Enforcer Twink, Silken Legchopper Gloves are a must. They add an addition 40 1he/2he which is essential to twink into higher weapons, or just add always valuable Attack Rating. Remember, Attack Rating directly affects chance to hit, and damage inflicted. The problem with them is that they requier 481 Computer Literacy to equip them, which for most isn't a simple task. Hopefully this will help:

lvl 60 Atrox: 183 Intel
-Maxed Comp Lit: +269
-Ql 125 Head/Eye/Right Hand Comp Lit Implants + Ql 125 Ear Intel Implant: +139
-Salesman's Hat: +5
-NCU Extensions Perk 1: +10
-Ql 40 Computer Literacy Tutoring Device with Pioneer Backpack: ~10 (I believe it's actually 11-13, but we'll use 10 for now)
-Computer Literacy Expertise: +20
-Intel Boost + Neural Stim (+32 Intel): +8
-Ql 1 Second-Hand Old English Trading Co (5 Intel): +2
-Ql 44Galahad Inc T70 Beyer*: +20
-Genius Perk 1** (10 Intel): 2
~485 Comp Lit, which gives you a couple points to work with.

*Note: A Ql 44 Galahad Beyer is easily equippable without wasting any IP using Ql 125 Full Auto Implants (Right Arm, Right Wrist, Waist), Full Auto Expertise, Burst Expertise, Riot Control, Pitol Expertise and either Extreme Prejudice or a Trader Wrangle.
**Note: Genius Perk 1 isn't absolutely required for this step, however, it probably will be required for the next step: Implanting, so you might as well train it now and get a few more points of Comp Lit.

Another advantage to doing this before your other twinking, it will allow you to equip ql 140-150 NCU Memories along with reaching the 450 Comp Lit requirment on making your Tier 1 Suit.

6b. Ql 150 Implants
For many twinks or even average levelers, ql 125 implants will do you perfectly fine. However, for those willing to put in the extra time and commitement for ql 150 imlpants, the benefits are substantial.

Here's a list of the items required to meet the 715 Treatment req on ql 150 implants:
lvl 60 Atrox: 183 Intel, 186 Agi, 10 Sense, 10 Psychic
-Maxed Treatment: +261
-Omni-Medsuit: +68 (Med Suit Gloves cannot be worn due to the use of Silken Legchoppr gloves. If you don't use Legchopper gloves, add 10 to the final treatment calculation)
-Superior First Aid: +80
-Treatment Expertise: +20
-Stationary Surgery Clinic: +100
-Ql 125 Head/Eye/Right Hand Treatment Implants: +136
-Ql 15 Physician's Cap: +3
-Ql 22 OT-Windchaser M06 Quartz: +10
-Ql 120 Treatment Library: +12 (This can be equipped during the previous step of twinking Comp Lit)
-First Aid Perk 1: +10
-The Key to Enel/Shere's Sanctuary: +4 (The Key to the Garden of Shere/Enel has a lvl 75 wear req, but the Sanctuary Key only has a lvl wear req of 25)
-Trickle Down: +11
---Composite Attribute Boost (+12 Intel/Agi/Sense/Psychic)
---Neural Stim (+20 Intel/Pychic)
---Feline Grace (+25 Agi)
---Enhanced Senses (+15 Sense)
---Enhance DNA Perk 1,2,3* (+12 Intel/Agi/Sense/Psychic)
---Genius Perk 1 (+10 Intel/Psychic)
715 Treatment (725 if you didn't use Silken Legchopper Gloves)

That is the exact requirement for ql 150 Implants, so you'll have to be precise. But like I said, this section is much more challanging to do.

To meet the ability requirements on ql 150 implants, please refer to the beginning section on Implants and Abilities.

*Note: Not only are the Enhance DNA perks required for a few points of ability trickle down into treatment, it is also required for the next step: Tier 1 Armor.

6c. First Tier Professional  Armor
At low lvls, and in some cases, any lvl, First Tier Professional Armor is one of the best armor available. All First Tier armor has well rounded ac's with little or no AC gaps, due to all SL mobs cycling through thr damage types. Plus, the AC's on average are better than anything else you can get. For lvl 60 enforcers, First Tier Enforcer Armor is by far your best option, reaching nearly double the AC's of previous twink armors.

The catch is, getting First Tier armor isn't easy at lvl 60, or for anyone under lvl 80, which is when you get free access to Sheol. Here is a link to the official Quest from the Shadowlands Library: Ergo +2 Ring to Sheol. Obviously this can't be accomplished alone by a lvl 60 player. The easiest way is of course to have a higher lvl friend come with you to kill the mobs. Otherwise, assuming you have a higher lvl main yourself, the best thing to do is take your twink as close to the mob locations as you can safely, log your main and pull the mob to the spot you have your twink, then kill and relog. Repeat this with the four Lost Mobs and you'll have your quest items within a couple hours. One thing to note is, to do this quest, you must already have the insipid ring. Due to an error on FC's part, not considering twinks, the only place the items for the insipid ring drop are located in the Subway Dungeon. So keep that in mind when making a twink from scratch to make sure you get the 4 items for the Insipid Ring. For those already over lvl 25, you'll have to perform the insipid ring quest in nascence also.

Now that you have access to Sheol, you might ask why you're even going there? The reason is, First Tier Armor is upgraded Jobe Armor. The way to make jobe armor is as follows:
-Sleeves, Pants, Gloves, & Boots require two insignias each: An insignia of Enel  and of Sphere (that is one of of each insignia, for each piece of armor). These can be obtained easily in Elysium silvterails or faction mobs.
-For the Chest, Back, Helm, and Shoulderpads, you need a little more: One insignia of Enel and one of Sphere, plus one Insignia of Ocra and of Roch. The Enel/Shere are again obtained from Elysium, but the Ocra/Roch Insignias are only found in Sheol, hence the ergo ring quest. (Note, this is one of all four insignias for each piece of armor, and only the chest piece can be upgraded to First Tier).

Once you have the First Tier Made, you have to equip it. Here's a list of items/buffs needed to equip the armor for atrox or solitus:
-Base: 186 Sta/Str (Solitus)
-Ql 150 Implants: 84 Sta/Str
-Essence of Behemoth (Enforcer Buff): 27 Sta/Str
-Iron Circle (Doctor Buff): 20 Sta/Str
-Concrete Cusions: 16 Sta/Str
-Ability Boots (Generic Buff): 12 Sta/Str
-Calignous Ring for the Infantry Unit: 2 Sta/Str
-Three Enhance DNA Perks: 12 Sta/Str
-One Mountaineer Perk: 4 Sta/Str
-Modified OT Armed Forces Training Helmet: 3 Sta
366 Sta/363 Str (Solitus)

This gives you 1 spare point in stamina to meet the 365 Sta req on Ql 100 First Tier Enforcer Armor. Atrox will have a 4 point sta and a 9 point str advantage over Solitus.
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